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Queensland snake catcher finds green tree frog devouring deadly coastal taipan

A north Queensland snake catcher says seeing a green tree frog devour a highly venomous snake was a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

Jamie Chapel was called out to a Townsville property on Tuesday night to catch the coastal taipan, considered one of Australia’s deadliest species.

He was halfway there when the client told him a frog was eating the snake.

When he arrived at the property, the “quite large” frog had eaten all but the head of the 20-25cm taipan.

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AUSTRALIAN Python devours live pet Christmas feast at expense of pet owner

FOR many residents, a family feast is a Christmas tradition that leaves everyone feeling the effects for days after.

However, residents weren’t the only ones nursing their full bellies this Christmas, as the Darling Downs Snake Catchers removed a 3-metre-long python who had enjoyed its very own festive feast from a Mount Lofty Toowoomba Qld home.

Snake catcher Gunter Glaser said the owner had been out to check on her pet chickens when she made the discovery.

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A quintessentially Australian photo which could only have come from WA’s Kimberley has gone viral, as social media across the world marvelled at a python playing pick-up to a bunch of amorous cane toads.

Helicopter pilot Paul Mock snapped the photo of the olive python — named Monty, of course — onboard was a contingent of cane toads on its back in the wake of an inundation of 68mm rain at his Kununurra WA property on Monday.

Mr Mock doesn’t have social media but decided to send the picture on to his brother Andrew, who quickly uploaded it to Twitter where it caused a storm.

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I fought the python and the python won.Qld Australia

snake catchers war wounds from python attack image

A NASTY encounter with a python has left a snake catcher bloody and bruised.

The python bit Lockyer Valley-based snake catcher Andrew Smedley 10 times.

Mr Smedley was called to a house in Esk to reports of a “big snake”.

Those reports proved spot on.

“Usually when people say they have a big snake I don’t take much notice because half the time they exaggerate a bit,” he said.

“Well, when I went to this job as soon as I saw it I thought ‘this python has come from a good paddock’.”

Mr Smedley cornered the python in a green-house – a move he may now regret.

He was bit about 10 times on the arm, leaving his several deep cuts.

“I almost fell and snapped a few bones,” he said.

“I got the snake eventually but only after it hammered me about 10 times.

“Big snake!

“My right arm is a bit stiff.”


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